Workflow manager

The digital blueprint for all your operational processes

With the Workflow manager of the PTI Planning Suite, you can effortlessly create a digital blueprint for all your operational processes. Automate and streamline communication and operations for any scenario.


This module ensures efficiency and automated workflows perfectly tailored to each task. Easily track the progress of every task and adjust the process for maximum results. Save costs, minimize errors, and enhance overall business performance.

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The comprehensive solution for your workflow

Flexible foundation. Our software is flexible, allowing you to easily adapt your processes. This way, you can easily respond to changing needs.

Specialized flows. Develop specific workflows tailored to different types of tasks, ensuring the best workflow for each.

User-friendly. The software is easy to use and enhances flexibility in work processes through our smart ‘drag and drop’ system.

Thorough preparation. Document all your work processes in detail, including potential changes. This way, you are always ready to act quickly and effectively.

Overview. Gain insight into your work processes, action items, and customer touchpoints. This way, you always have a comprehensive view, anytime, anywhere.

Results-oriented. Achieve objectives through a streamlined process, thereby enhancing overall business performance.

Maximise your workproces

With over 30 years of experience, we have seen and done a lot. We will solve the pain points in your workflow and make it clear where you can accelerate, save, and optimize.

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