Our story

Everything revolves around innovation

We are PTI. A software company navigating a dynamic, rapidly evolving world. It’s precisely this environment that requires us to be sharp, energetic, and agile. That’s why we strive for continuous development.


With our flat organizational structure and no-nonsense mentality, we collectively take steps forward every day.

Our mission

These steps forward are aimed at one clear goal: our mission. We are convinced that a smart and optimized process creates value for both the organization and the end customer. Therefore, our mission is as follows:


”Assisting companies in optimizing technical processes to enhance operational efficiency.”



How do we achieve that?

That’s simple: by creating a positive impact on our people and the environment. We achieve this by consistently prioritizing collective interests over individual ones. We operate from a foundation of positivity, trust, and loyalty. By always striving for personal attention and quality, we build connections with both our own team and our partners. We always go the extra mile. And we invest daily in growth and development. This way, we constantly adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Our culture

Everything we do to realize our mission, we do together. That’s why our culture is one of our main driving forces. We continuously strive for an inclusive culture where we support each other, celebrate successes together, and create value. Therefore, we describe our culture as follows:


”We believe in an inclusive culture where everyone feels safe, engaged, and motivated to do their best and belong.”



How do we achieve that?

By daily adhering to our core values. These form the basis of the PTI culture and have been shaped and inspired by our own employees. They represent the choices we make daily and guide us in achieving our goals.

Our core values


We fully commit to our own development and partnerships, contributing to the sustainable progress of people and the world around us.


We maintain an ongoing dialogue rooted in a warm collaboration, ensuring that we stay up to date and remain focused on our joint growth.


Operating from a position of strength, we act with open, honest, and realistic communication, gladly taking the lead.

Spieren voor Spieren

Since 2006, we have been a loyal sponsor of ‘Spieren voor Spieren.’ We annually invest our expertise, knowledge, time, and network, always with the goal of ensuring that children with a muscle disease receive help or treatment faster. Interested in reading more about our partnership with Spieren voor Spieren?

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Some of our team members


Sales Manager

Working on great projects with colleagues and customers gives me energy.


Product Owner

This isn't written in Comic Sans.


Lead Developer

Working on innovation that makes customers happy with your second family.


Lead Software Tester

Real “men” test on production..


Sales Consultant

Today's positive force is tomorrow's change.


Scrum Master

Collaborate, listen, reflect, learn, that's how we roll!


Strategic Advisor

Either we find a way, or we make one.


Project Consultant

The constant new challenges keep me on my toes!