Mobile app

The ideal companion for your field service

The Mobile app is everything your field service employee needs to efficiently complete their assignment. The app is in real-time connection with the PTI Planning Suite, making the day planning, route, and digital work orders instantly visible. Your field service employee is always well-prepared on the go. And your back office is continuously updated on the completed tasks.


Access to all work orders anytime, anywhere

Digital work orders. With digital work orders, you can digitally capture all job details, customer information, and completed tasks, even when offline.

Route and navigation. Starting from the day planning, your employee initiates navigation with a single click via Google Maps.

Hardware integration. Through Bluetooth connectivity, we link your hardware to the mobile app. The measured values from external measuring equipment are instantly visible.

Take photos. Paint a clear picture of the situation by taking photos directly and adding them to the work order.

Barcode & QR scanner. Avoid errors and easily retrieve data by scanning barcodes and QR codes. The registration of consumed materials is immediately visible in your inventory system.

Signature. Your customer easily provides a signature and receives an immediate confirmation email with all the details of the completed job.

Your field service always well-prepared on the go.

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