Optimize your Field Service planning

Ensure optimal planning of activities for your field service. Plan the most efficient routes with our intelligent algorithm and save time and travel expenses. From large to small assignments, the planning module is the ideal solution for your field service management.


Align the planning with your customer’s agenda and optimize routes for your field service employees. Changes in the schedule are quickly managed. Our smart algorithm provides a new schedule within seconds. This results in an average savings of 20% on scheduling time, labor costs, travel and CO² emissions!

The solution for your field service management

Powerful Planboard

Get a visual overview of all your activities and field service employees in one place. The software supports your planner and takes care of various tasks, while your planner adds the finishing touches. Easily manage the availability and capacity of your field service, including reserving and scheduling materials and vehicles.

Intelligent Algorithm

Our process-driven algorithm optimizes your workday by processing every change instantly. It supports your planner with intelligent calculations in complex situations. Field service employees are more efficient on the go. Utilize work hours, skills, and certifications to further refine the schedule.

Route Opimization

Our PTI Planning Suite eliminates 80,000 travel movements annually in the utility sector alone. By organizing your workflows through the PTI Planning Suite, your field service covers fewer unnecessary miles. Fewer miles mean direct reductions in CO² emissions. Additionally, your field service employees spend less time on the road, allowing them to dedicate valuable time to your customers. Which will enhance your customer satisfaction.



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