Customer communication

Customer-centric communication in your corporate identity

Enhance customer relationships with the powerful Customer communication module. Because an informed customer is a satisfied customer. Manage targeted customer communication comprehensively. Automate personalized messages at the right moment with all relevant information. Reach diverse audiences through appropriate channels, always in your corporate identity with quality assurance.


Do you want convenience? Send it yourself or let our experts take care of it. They know the system, understand your urgency, and inform customers promptly and thoroughly. Our Customer communication solution guarantees higher customer satisfaction.

Complete control over the creation, editing, and sending of targeted customer communication



Corporate identity. Monitor your corporate identity and ensure the correct design in every communication.

Templates. Manage all templates, formatting, and content in one central location.

Scheduling. Determine the desired sending time.



Channels. Decide how you want to send the messages: print, email, SMS or voice.

Print. No need for stocks of printed materials or letterheads. 100% flexible full-color printing.

Closed printing and delivery system. 100% certainty that your letter is created, sent, and delivered.



Editor. Create your templates entirely to your liking.

Personalization. Set smart rules to make messages audience-specific and personalized.

Collaboration. Work together on the same communication. Smart and efficient.

A/B testing. Test which communication is most effective for your desired audience.

Maximize your customer communication

With over 30 years of experience, we have seen and done it all. We will solve the pain points in your workflow and make it clear where you can accelerate, save and optimize.

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