Project management

Total control for your back office

With our Project management module, you have complete control over all your projects and assignments. You can easily organize them according to your preferences from one central point. Through a job file, you have all the necessary information per project or assignment digitally available. This includes customer data, job details, and location information – everything your back office needs to perform at their best.

Have access to the complete order history of your customer.

Boost your Field Service with real-time data

Within the PTI Planning Suite, you have a complete overview of all projects and related assignments. You have a summary of all pending tasks and assignments, per project. And you maintain full control over your customer information and communication.

Analyze the progress of your projects and gain valuable insights through real-time data. Identify pain points and implement improvements in your work processes. Additionally, optimize the performance of your employees with individual analyses of their progress. This way, you leverage powerful data analysis to elevate your company to a higher level.

Enhance your field service management

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