Capture data with Artificial Intelligence

Discover the power of photo recognition for effortless data processing. Efficiently process all required data with a simple photo, achieving higher accuracy than manual entry, and link photos and data directly to the task dossier. The perfect solution for reading energy and water meters.


The software analyzes the photo and extracts desired information such as meter readings, serial/batch numbers, brand/type, caliber, and barcodes. Additional (meta-)information like date, time, and GPS coordinates is simultaneously recorded. Simplify your workflow and maximize data entry with our innovative solution.

Automate your data entry

Automation. Your data is always up-to-date. Your field service automatically fills in data by taking photos and scanning barcodes.

Metadata. Automatic registration of GPS location, device, date, and time based on metadata.

Meter numbers and barcodes. Meter, serial, or batch numbers, brand/type, caliber, and barcodes are fully scanned.

Integration. Your data is optimized and integrated in real-time with other modules within the PTI Planning Suite.

Insensitive to the dark/flashlight. Your required data is always correctly processed, even in dark or flash-overexposed photos.

Insensitive to rotation. Allow your field service team to scan data in hard-to-reach places. Rotation and angles are not a concern.

Fast processing time. The software analyzes the photo in real-time and provides results immediately.

Succes at low resolution. The quality of data is maintained even at low resolution.

Enhance your field service management

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