Metering as a Service

Efficient remote and door-to-door meter reading

With over 30 years of experience, we are the leading specialist in the utility sector when it comes to meter readings. However, with our new service, Metering as a Service, we are taking it a step further.


Metering as a Service (MaaS) offers a comprehensive solution for meter reading. We enhance the well-known remote meter reading with physical meter readings at the door. Fully automated, eliminating the need for internal teams to manage the meter reading process.

Metering as a Service in 3 steps

1. Digital meter reading

Efficiently collect meter readings from consumers using the meter reading app and automated communication through various channels.

2. Automatic physical meter reading

If digital reading is not possible, we proactively send a worker to the door, ensuring both digital and physical meter readings are efficiently collected.

3. Integrated data processing

Data from both physical and digital meter readings is seamlessly integrated and processed, providing immediate insights in a centralized environment.

Are you interested in Metering as a Service?

Almost all Dutch electricity, gas, and water companies utilize our meter reading solutions. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you with Metering as a Service.

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The benefits of Metering as a Service

Reduce TCO

Eliminate the overhead of maintaining in-house meter reading teams, resulting in immediate cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.

Minimal margin of error

The combination of digital and physical meter readings ensures precise and reliable collection of meter readings, which is crucial for utility companies.

Enhanced customer relationships

By promptly informing consumers and providing a streamlined process, the relationship between utility companies and their customers is improved.


PTI ensures that we receive 95% of our meter readings. They take a lot of work off our hands and continuously strive to improve to enhance this. We are proud users of their applications.

- Dirk Huurman

In our quest for a smart planning solution, we ended up with PTI. A crucial requirement for us was to incorporate established logic into the planning system, and PTI was able to fulfill that.

- Ron Korthout.

The PTI Planning Suite provides real-time insight into our operations. With the allocation tool, assignments can easily be assigned to the right field service personnel. This process has visibly improved thanks to PTI!

- Emiel Ketelaar.

In close collaboration with PTI, we were able to continually optimize our process. We don't have to worry about it anymore.

- Emmy van Riel.

We experience the reliability of PTI's solutions daily.

- Frank van der Putten.