The benefits of digital work orders

The digitalisation of work orders

Work orders are an essential component for businesses to organize, track, and document their operations, contributing to better customer service and more efficient business process management.


While work orders were traditionally drafted on paper and physically signed, digital versions are now predominantly used. This digitization process brings various advantages, explaining why companies have made the transition. We will enlighten you on the benefits and why digital work orders can be a valuable addition to your business.

The benefits explained

 1) Improved efficiency

One of the significant benefits of digital work orders is the enhanced efficiency they offer. The traditional paper-based process of filling out, signing, and archiving work orders is both time-consuming and prone to errors. With digital work orders, technicians and employees can easily receive and complete work instructions on their mobile devices. This is facilitated through the PTI Planning Suite via the Mobile App, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring tasks are performed more quickly and accurately.


2) Real-time updates

Furthermore, digital work orders enable your company to receive real-time updates. This means you are always informed about the status of ongoing tasks. This is particularly convenient for field service personnel, as they can make on-the-fly changes or report issues while in the field, immediately available to the office staff. This enhances communication and empowers your employees to respond quickly to changes and potential challenges.


3) Enhanced customer service

Digital work orders can significantly enhance customer service. With real-time updates and faster task completion, customers can benefit from quicker service and a better overall experience. Additionally, digital work orders can store customer information and history, making it easier to offer personalized services and exceed customer expectations. This functionality is available through the PTI Planning Suite with our Customer Satisfaction module.


4) Cost savings

Moreover, the use of digital work orders can lead to substantial cost savings. You can quickly save on paper, printer ink, archive storage space, and labor costs associated with manual processing of paper orders. This allows you to minimize these expenses and increase your overall business efficiency.


5) Environmental friendliness

Lastly, the digitization of work orders directly contributes to a more sustainable business operation. Reducing paper usage and the physical transportation of paper documents contributes to a smaller ecological footprint and represents a more environmentally friendly option. If you aim to operate more socially responsible, making the switch is a wise choice.



In summary, digital work orders bring numerous advantages. They improve efficiency, customer service, and cost management while contributing to a greener future. If your business has not made the transition yet, now might be the time to consider it. Our PTI Planning Suite enables you to achieve all of this and experience the benefits firsthand. We are here to assist you.

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