Heijmans and PTI expand collaboration

Heijmans and PTI continue together

New service offering for the installation of split unit air conditioners, managing the entire process from A to Z. In summary, this encapsulates the essence of the intensified collaboration between Heijmans and PTI. This collaboration is a valuable addition to their joint ambition to streamline all short-cycle activities of Heijmans through the PTI Planning Suite.

Mandatory legal installation check

During the assembly and installation of split unit air conditioners, consumers face the greatest challenge. “Because the installations are filled with an environmentally harmful refrigerant, a certified technician in the Netherlands must conduct the mandatory legal installation check. Consumers are not allowed to do this themselves because, if something goes wrong and the refrigerant leaks, the consumer officially commits an environmental offense.”

The commissioning of a split unit air conditioner must be carried out by a BRL100 or BRL200 certified technician according to regulations. To fulfill this requirement, PVG, the client, has partnered with Heijmans.


Shared history

With the acquisition of Brinck Groep by Heijmans in 2013, the contractor entered the market for supplying and exchanging electricity, gas, water, and heat meters. Brinck Groep utilizes PTI’s services for executing these tasks, from planning assignments for technicians to informing consumers about upcoming work and handling tasks through the Mobile App.


PTI Planning Suite

With the PTI Planning Suite, Heijmans ensures that tasks are handled from delivery to completion. Employees both in-office and in the field have the right tools. Consumers are informed early and engaged in upcoming tasks. Divided into phases, the process looks as follows:


  • Clear agreements
    To frame Heijmans’ tasks effectively, PVG will clearly communicate to consumers what preparations they need to make before the technician arrives. “The technician comes for the final connection, so the preparatory work must be completed. If, upon arrival, both units are still in the box, the technician will turn back.”


  • Customer portal utilization
    To facilitate consumers in quickly scheduling an appointment with a certified technician, consumers are directed to a customer portal via a QR code on the packaging of each Qlima split unit air conditioner. On this portal, consumers can see available days and times and easily schedule an appointment. PTI ensures that the displayed days and times are generated in real-time and align with Heijmans’ most efficient planning.


  • Next steps
    The appointment made by the consumer effectively marks the starting point for Heijmans. The consumer is requested to provide photos for a digital “survey” to take place. Upon approval, the appointment will be released. In case of doubt, contact will be made with the consumer. Based on the consumer’s location and the type of air conditioner, the right technician is selected, and on-site tasks can be performed. After recording the tasks with the Mobile App, a certificate is issued, providing the consumer with extensive warranty coverage.

150.000 home visits per year

Heijmans Infra, listed on the stock exchange, is one of the largest builders in the Netherlands, realizing significant infrastructure and housing projects. “Within these projects, many technicians are active, connecting homes to the electricity network, replacing energy meters, or installing charging stations for electric cars. Heijmans accounts for 150,000 home visits per year. These certified technicians will now also inspect split unit air conditioners on behalf of PGV for proper installation.”

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