Engaging residents in the energy transition: PTI and GroeneWarmte enhance customer experience

Homes throughout the Netherlands need to be insulated and transitioned away from natural gas. While a noble and necessary goal, it is a complex process, especially considering that 70% of the built environment in the Netherlands relies on heat as its primary energy source. GroeneWarmte plays a pivotal role in this transition and sought a solution for efficiently surveying homes. The PTI Planning Suite proved to be the solution for streamlining this process.

The challenge

The Netherlands aims to be natural gas-free by 2050. Municipalities take the lead in both locally and strategically making neighborhoods sustainable and gas-free. By the end of 2021, they established a Heat Transition Vision for this purpose. This involves a massive transition where ultimately all 8 million buildings in the Netherlands (residential, commercial, and public buildings) will no longer use natural gas, be insulated, and be equipped with a sustainable alternative. GroeneWarmte aims to play a significant role in this transition by guiding and supporting stakeholders as a delegated developer.


In developing these local initiatives, it is crucial to get residents on board with the energy transition. Therefore, GroeneWarmte sought a solution for efficiently surveying homes, combined with seamless communication with residents. To achieve this, GroeneWarmte and PTI entered into a collaboration. The goal of this collaboration is to optimize processes related to customer experience and engagement. GroeneWarmte and PTI have devised the ultimate solution for keeping residents informed, responsive, and actively involved in the energy transition.



The approach

Informing and communicating with residents

Firstly, a database of all addresses in the respective residential area is loaded into the PTI Planning Suite. This allows GroeneWarmte employees to supplement the data with, for example, email addresses and phone numbers.


Subsequently, residents are informed through various automated processes within our software about GroeneWarmte’s activities and the opportunities they provide. This includes explanations on the importance of transitioning away from natural gas and the long-term benefits of a sustainable heating network. Additionally, information is shared about GroeneWarmte’s collaboration with the municipality and the local energy cooperative. In essence, everything residents want to know is communicated with them through the PTI Planning Suite.


Surveying homes

Residents interested in the possibilities of a sustainable heating network, prompted by the shared information, can express their interest. An appointment is scheduled with them, with PTI ensuring optimal planning. They are then visited by an Energy Coach to survey the situation in their homes, with energy consumption playing a significant role. The Energy Coach utilizes the Mobile App to record their findings.


Following the Energy Coach’s visit, a second appointment is scheduled, automatically planned by the PTI Planning Suite. The Energy Coach from the initial appointment revisits and discusses the survey results with the residents.


The survey results are automated and provided to connected contractors for the quotation process. The quotes are discussed with the resident, providing them with an understanding of the required investment to make their homes natural gas-free. The resident has their own portal, also provided by PTI, offering both GroeneWarmte and its customers continuous insight into the current status and progress of the process.

Comprehensive overview of assignments 

Lastly, GroeneWarmte users in the PTI Planning Suite have access to the Workflow Manager. This module contains all information about the addresses to be visited and those already visited, storing all documentation directly linked to an address. The employee can then determine which documents can be shared with the resident.



The impact

We are convinced that a smart and optimized process creates value for both the organization and the end customer. By continuously shaping and optimizing the customer journey in collaboration with GroeneWarmte, we strive for a standardized process that prioritizes the customer. In this way, we work together with GroeneWarmte to accelerate the sustainability of the Netherlands!

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