Efficient and Sustainable Charging: PTI and Inter-on inspect Charging Stations for Equans

PTI and Inter-on survey charging stations for Equans

At PTI, we stand not only for development and change within our company but also for a sustainable future. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce our new project: the sustainable and efficient surveying of charging stations for Equans.

The challenge

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, it is crucial to make the charging of these vehicles as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Surveying charging stations is a critical step in this process. PTI has been tasked with surveying a large population of charging stations for Equans. To ensure that the surveying is carried out accurately and all data, including photos, is promptly delivered to Equans, the PTI Planning Suite is employed.


The project demands a well-organized field service. For the execution of such field service activities, PTI often collaborates with the partner Inter-on. Inter-on is an expert in energy services and handles the execution of technician tasks, while PTI manages efficient planning and direct data exchange with Equans.



The approach

By utilizing the PTI Planning Suite, Inter-on has found a solution for the accurate exchange of data and photos. PTI ensures robust data exchange between PTI and Inter-on, as well as between PTI and Equans. This ensures that the field service team knows precisely which information to gather during the inspection of the charging stations.


Inter-on’s field service employees are assigned tasks through the Allocation Tool. This module of the PTI Planning Suite allows easy assignment of tasks to employees, with specified start and end dates for the activities. Subsequently, employees receive the assignments through the PTI Mobile App. For each task, they record a series of activities and check off each task according to the agreed-upon workflow.


During the survey, the charging stations are inspected for their technical condition. Meter readings are recorded and validated based on the latest known meter readings. It is mandatory to take photos, and the app clearly outlines the requirements for these photos. This ensures that the charging stations are efficiently and sustainably inspected.


The impact

By deploying the PTI Planning Suite in conjunction with Inter-on, the surveying of charging stations for Equans is carried out efficiently and sustainably. This enables Equans to quickly access accurate information and gain insight into the technical condition of the charging stations.


Inter-on executes the task, and PTI ensures a tight schedule with minimal travel movements (thus reducing CO2 emissions). The result? Faster and better charging of electric vehicles: a significant win-win!



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