PTI specialises in utility companies. For more than twenty years, practically all Dutch electricity, gas and water companies have been using our solutions. This long term cooperation has allowed good working relationships to develop and we really put great efforts in day in, day out.

We stand for pragmatism, transparency and integrity.

Structured or unstructured data? Basic or complex processes? No problem. We create understandable information. We can always find a suitable solution.

Our years of experience mean we can offer the best and most complete, operational solutions. This saves costs and where possible provides additional information. In short: we help to improve our customer's processes.

PTI has been a keen sponsor of Spieren voor Spieren (Muscles for Muscles Foundation) for more than ten years. This charity helps children who suffer from muscle diseases. PTI is a corporate partner of this charity and is proud of this association. As well as making an annual financial contribution we also commit our expertise and network to help this charity. With our sponsoring page PTI aims to encourage as many people as possible to get involved and contribute to the Spieren voor Spieren charity through sporting events or by way of donations.

Link to Spieren voor Spieren website

Children should be able to run around, cycle, play and exercise without any cares. In the Netherlands 20,000 children are not able to experience this freedom. These children have various muscle ailments. This really restricts what they can do.

Spieren voor Spieren wants to change this and help children all over the world. They do this by calling upon people with healthy muscles to help those whose muscles need a helping hand.

Through partnerships with businesses, sporting promotions and by organising events where sport plays a central role, the charity raises vital money every year. This money is used to carry out research into muscle diseases and improving diagnosis and treatment programmes, financing equipment to improve children's quality of life and organising fun days for the children.